St Anthony's Primary is located in Springhall, Rutherglen in South Lanarkshire.
We currently have 205 pupils over 9 classes.
Our school times are:
Start time 9am
Break: 10.40am -10.55am
Lunch 12.3pm 5-1.20pm
Home Time 3pm.
Our School Uniform is brown skirt/pinafore/trousers, white shirt, school tie, brown cardigan/jumper. Our PE Kit is shorts and yellow polo shirt or t shirt.

Mrs Sweeney


Miss Harley

Principal Teacher

Mrs Duke

Acting Principal Teacher

Miss McCluskey

Class Teacher P1

Mrs Smith

Class Teacher Job Share P2

Mrs Blair

Class Teacher Job Share P2

Mrs Kirk

Class Teacher P4/3

Mrs Sword

Class Teacher P4

Miss McCormick

Class Teacher P5

Miss Ward

Class Teacher P6/5

Mrs McKeown

Class Teacher P6/7

Miss McSorley

Class Teacher P7

Mrs Bell

Class Teacher

Mrs Balmer

Teacher CCC

Mrs Donaghy

Support Assistant

Mrs McBrearty

Support Assistant

Mrs McLaughlin

Support Assistant

Mrs Montgomery

Support Assistant

Ms Crudge

Office Team Leader

Mrs Collins

Office Staff

Mrs Muir

Office Staff

Mr Vine


Ms Calder

Cook In Charge